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This business was established in 1949 with the intention of supporting watchmakers and jewellers who could not obtain regular supplies of spare parts. It required regular trips to Wellington for import licence and Reserve Bank authorisation for each import, plus a trip to Europe to secure regular supplies from all the manufacturers, plus an agreement with EBAUCHE S.A, RONDA, DCN, PIBOR and other Swiss, German and U.K. factories.

This means that we have in stock over 3000 gross each of balance staffs, stems, 2 piece stems, winding crowns of all styles and sizes, in chrome, R.G. and steel mainsprings, clock springs, clock and watch glasses. See our spare parts for a detailed list.

All told a very wide range of spare parts at competitive prices are available.

Robert is a Swiss trained watchmaker and we welcome any technical enquiries regarding watches and clocks.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Yours sincerely

Pronto Clock Company Ltd.